Safety Management


As per OHS (Organisational Health and Safety) Act, the risk assessment for all the organisations need to be carried out before an intervention. A briefing will be given on a hypothetical company named ArchitektonikiDomi Ltd. The requirement of risk assessment is health and safety risk that is to be controlled practically. Its scope will be limited to protective equipments, site layout and safety hazards at workplace.

Background check:

On April, 2009 ArchitektonikiDomi Ltd, a private company, finished building its 5-storey building with multiple flats. Cost limits, Quality requirements and Time limits were some of the objectives of their business scheme.

Risk Assessment-Identification:

OHS guidelines helped the company to carry out its first risk assessment in safety management.

Indentifying the Hazards:

Usage of inflammable materials on the construction sites could cause an explosion, which would not only impact the inside, but also around and outside the site. The labour would also get wounded severely from the explosion.

Sound Pollution: The sound released from the construction equipment and trucks can cause heart problems to the site workers.

Bird drops: The construction sites attract a lot pigeons. The workers have been provided with face masks for protection however, they are exposed to the harmful infection caused by pigeons’ faeces. The faeces of pigeons contain a lung-infection causing fungus called Cryptococcus Neoformans.

Hygiene Water: Hygienic water is provided at miles of distance from the area of eating to avoid contamination of water because of the pollution emitted at construction sites. It becomes very difficult for the workers in summer to fetch water, which could cause them strokes.

Risk Matrix:

A risk matrix is designed to evaluate severity of the risk and its likeness and rating provided by the matrix.  The ratings are done on the basis of previous available records.

Measures for the Safety:

Some of the existing measures taken by the management are Bird repellers for protection from their faeces, use of PPEs for protection from noise pollution & construction of no smoking zone to make sure the site is protected from fire explosions by cigarette. Construction of eating area away from the construction site is done to prevent food contamination.

Safety measures to be taken:

Provision for Glucose/Cold water: Cold water and Glucose should be provided to the workers at the site to protect them from dehydration from scorching heat.

Shield from Birds: Bird repellent sprays onlygive short term protection; therefore, providing shield from pigeons is more effective to prevent lung infections.

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