Health Care industry in Ontario


A healthy nation gets crucial based on the kind of population a country holds. This article is about the study of existing health report of Ontario and identifying its shortcomings. The article analyses, identifies the factors causing chronic illness and recommends on how to control the risk factors.

An Overview:

The report studies significant ways to focus on healthier Ontario. A report is prepared with the name “Taking action to prevent chronic disease” to spread awareness among the general masses to bring improvement in their health. The problems identified in the report are elucidated with recommendations on how to stay healthy.

Highlighted Problem:

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer and diabetes has caused about 70% of deaths in Ontario, in the year 2006, as the rate of old age population is high in the city.

The alarming factors causing chronic diseases is over consumption of alcohol, over eating and smoking habits among the young population & lack of physical activity causing obesity among the old aged individuals.

Key Factors:

The report discussed above is created with the partnership of Cancer Care Ontario and Public Health Ontario, by the government with the objective of improving health care in Ontario. This report includes all the recommendation for safety measures to help every individual in the city to live in a safe and healthy manner.

Other significant factors facilitating proper health conditions:

Lifestyle is also addressed as one of the important factors for healthy masses. Some of the risk factors are excessive food junk, lack of physical activity, obesity, alcohol and smoking consumption.

Being educated, income disparities and health inequities are also some added factors to facilitate proper health conditions.

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