Challenges while implementing strategies for Nokia in Africa


The three phases in strategic management process are planning or formation, implementing and controlling. This study is about the difficulties management faces to meets company’s demands and needs with increasing competition in market.

As per Hooley, implementation of strategies involves people and functions in the company. Leadership is very important as it will impact negatively or positively, depending upon how the leadership is being carried out. Three extremely important strategic elements which appraise and corresponds the process are:

  • Formal and informal structure
  • The strategic change
  • Organisational culture

Hooley also stated that organisation’s development by implementing strategies is co-related to environment affects. Nokia being a global company has its headquarters in Kenya, Southern and Eastern Africa. Market strategies implemented by Nokia is facing challenges with its rapid change in business environment.

Like all companies, Nokia also has fundamental relationship between supply and demand and it has also ensured to expand the sales and revenue.

Collaborative group work with technical support is called groupware and this helps with the communication strategy. Companies are looking for more of such implementations on business strategies to use optimum resources and make profits.

Challenges faced while implementing the strategies:

To determine potential strategic issues, circulars for strategy implementation were examined. According to Hill, companies were developing new potential organisational strategy which is creating some obstacles in the organisation too.

Payne states that effective coordination and labour skills are not enough to attain an advantageous business. Too many individual strategies lead to conflicts between workers, lack of coordination and difficulties in managing.

Poor planning and lack of knowledge about the strategies will lead to bad results. Every organisation is different and its requirement is different. By applying universal blend in all types of industries is not good way of investing in the company. It will not bring any advantage, in fact it be a waste of investment.

The changing market conditions should be strategized accordingly in order to cover up the areas where the company work is lacking. Choosing a strategy depends upon the current production status and technology used. Management challenges are lack of response and reliability of senior management, lack of technology and lack of resources. Operational Challenges are volatile demand and product variety.

Core marketing: The main market strategy is to decide what products to sell and what to buy. Marketing can face some disappointments but core strategy on relationship end is helpful to solve problems.

Strategy drivers: Companies aligned in market, on demand, have a need to have a closer relationship with customers to have a long term relationship. Developing the product internally, by focusing the reason why the product is made, in order to meet customer’s demand.

Core offer:

  • Gaining victory in mobile ecosystem by collaborating with Microsoft.
  • Optimum use of internet to develop growing markets.
  • Technology production investment.
  • Improved focus on accountability, speed and results.

Price and Place: Not only does Nokia provide the information of price and place of the product on their website but also makes sure all the details provided are accurate. They also keep updating the content with change in the network.

Communication: The company’s main focus is to have continuous streamlining of IT and business support. It strategizes to a constant flow of network.

Competitive strategy: Nokia is designed to improve its technology and to improve its profits. It built phones that are reasonable of reasonable prices that customers can afford.

Strategy Implementation Issues:

The main focus of Nokia is to ensure that there is success where the strategy is applied. Before implementing the strategies itself, the Cabinet ministers explains the members understand the purpose of ultra tidy rules.

Hooley stated that employees those involved in the companies should be exposed to personal motivation, political confidence to help them implement a successful strategy.

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